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Community-based and faith-based organizations have taken on major participation in our country’s social services.  Financial resources and organizational capacity are key to their success.  Relationships between funders and nonprofits, between programs and the communities  they are to serve, have never been more important.
 Valerie Oliver-Durrah


Valerie Oliver-Durrah
President/CEO and Principal Consultant
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Awards & Recognitions

Valerie Oliver-Durrah, often referred to as a gifted and creative thinker, has made a career of philanthropic advisement, non-profit management, communication strategist and an innovative human architect who fosters unique partnerships involving a wide variety of diverse ethnic populations and organizations. As Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic (NTAC), she utilizes a well-developed, executive skill set in support of organizations and leaders who seek to address the needs of underserved people and communities. Adept at helping grassroots service providers develop effective programs and navigate the challenging terrain of human, fund, and resource development. Ms. Oliver-Durrah has aided hundreds of organizations in securing the economic and technical resources they need to flourish in difficult economic times.

Having championed the causes of grassroots organizations in New York City for over30 years, Ms. Oliver-Durrah has received formal recognition from over 250 non-profit organizations, religious organizations, community leaders, government officials, and faith-based institutions for her exceptional leadership.

As a recent 2013 Brooklyn Black History Maker recipient, presented by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Marty made a strong, short comment about Valerie.  He said . . . “All roads lead to Valerie.”

In September 2013, Borough President Elect Eric Adams appointed Valerie Oliver-Durrah to serve as Co-chair of his Transition Team, along with former Commissioner Peter Ashkenasy. Eric Adams will be the first African American to serve as President in the Borough of Brooklyn’s history.

Known as a bridge builder, connector, and as a motivational speaker, Valerie Oliver Durrah has earned the trust of foundations and grant seekers alike, and is frequently called upon to lecture across the five boroughs of NYC, as well as throughout the Caribbean, West Indies. Valerie Oliver-Durrah has provided consultation and technical assistance to individuals, teams, large groups, corporate entities, philanthropic leaders, and governmental agencies. Her detailed knowledge and acquaintance with many New Yorkers in general from so many diverse ethnic groups,neighborhoods and sectors make her an apt coach and senior advisor for grassroots and agencies, seminars, philanthropic individuals, businesses and new transitioning non-profit leaders who wish to invest in New York City’s nonprofits and the neighborhoods they serve.

Valerie Oliver-Durrah is the first African-American elected trustee on the Board of the Brooklyn Historical Society, where she has served nearly 30 years.

As an ordained minister, she received a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree at the New York Theological Seminary.  Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrahis committed to serving and building the capacity of Black Clergy women, and ministers serving women and girls both throughout the USA and worldwide.

As a non-Caribbean person, Valerie’s work and ministry in the Caribbean has been unsurpassed.  She is serving the poor, elderly people at The Fiennes Institute, along with Governor-General Dame Louise Lake-Tack of Antigua & Barbuda.  Working under the Ministry of Homeland Security, she is supporting St. Kitts/Nevis Fire Chief and their youth development program, and positioning The Caines Family Foundation to be the first family foundation supporting the Ministry of Health to address diabetes, as well as promoting quality education and business development in St. Kitts/Nevis. 

Valerie Oliver-Durrah resides in the historical section of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with her husband James C. Durrah. They are the proud parents of their adult children ----William Oliver-Durrah and Brooke Remel Oliver-Durrah.



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