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The Neighborhood Technical
Assistance Clinic (NTAC) 
is a registered nonprofit organization




Neighborhood Technical Assistance is honored to embrace the Fiennes Institute as one of its international charities. This volunteer driven initiative is being supported by Her Excellency, Governor General of Antigua & Barbuda, Dame Louise Lake-Tack including but not limited to Ministries of Culture, Tourism, and Health.

This initiative also receives support from business including LIME, ABS TV , Ocean Inn, Gloria Potter Supplies, Antigua Yatcxh Club, The Inn Resort, The Tides, Bigs Taxi, Pele Taxi, Antigua Distillery Limited, Hawksbill, Crab Hole Liquors, Susie' s Hotsauce , Curtain Bluffs, Copper and Lumber Store Hotel, C&C Wine Bar, Itchy Feet Band and a host of supporters by the good people of Antigua & Barbuda. Special thanks goes out to Robert Potter, Ivor Phillips, Eloise Green, Sewlyn and Erma James, Paula C.M. Lee, Rob and Bernadette Sherman and Fred Bonfils.


You can see first hand the work of our volunteer driven initiative by viewing some of our photos also on our web site, entitled, Dont-Get-It-Twisted.com. This site was created by Brooke Durrah.  All events and activities are geared towards assisting the Fiennes Institute and promoting tourism in Antigua & Barbuda.  You can download a Press Release here.


Delegates of New York City, USA visited Antigua, West Indies, on a missionary trip to support the Fiennes Institute. Left to Right, Craig Lashley, Paula Lee (LIME), Valerie Oliver-Durrah (President/CEO of NTAC), Zoe Richards, Gloria Potter, Governor General Louise Lake-Tack, Catherine Phillips, Ivor Phillips, Gail Smith, and Clarence Smith.

NTACís President, Valerie Oliver-Durrah, Governor General Louise Lake-Tack and Paula Lee of LIME and the great people of Antigua praying for the senior residents of the Fiennes Institute, Antigua, West Indies.

NTACís President, Valerie Oliver-Durrah, poses with residents of the Fiennes Institute, Antigua, West Indies.

Valerie Oliver Durrah, President/CEO of NTAC and Philanthropic advisor, pictured with Ms. Irene Carlos at the age of 110. Ms. Carlos is a resident at the Fiennes Institute located in Antigua, West Indies. Originally from Freetown, she is the oldest woman in the Caribbean, residing in Antigua, West Indies.

Last Update:  06/11/2012

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